German white wines – the exhilarating completion


Heavy red wines soothe and make you quiet, whereas German white wines are stimulating. Fresh and animatedly unlike rich in tannin reds they lighten the mood, particularly German Riesling. Well cooled to meals a real treat!

First-class Rieslings show a solid framework and beautiful terroir tastes. They bribe  with their unique character and should be part of every good wine selection. High quality Rieslings also have a nice potential for aging.

Riesling is the typical German variety

Almost a quarter of the vineyards are planted with Riesling. Half of the world’s Riesling vines are growing in Germany. Other white varieties are Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc. As to red wines Pinot Noir is the most important.

The most important German wine-growing areas

These are mainly located in the southwest near the Rhine and its feeders as well on the Black Forest edges. The most important region are by size Rheinhessen, near Frankfurt, the Palatinate and Baden. Then follows Württemberg, the Mercedes and Porsche homeland. Well known are the Mosel wines with the steep slopes. Good wines also come from Franconia and the Rheingau, the last one with its well known wine chateaux.

Rheinhessen: Nierstein am Rhein
Rheinhessen: Nierstein and the river Rhine
Pfalz: Ein bekanntes Weingut
Pfalz: A well kown estate
Baden: Reben am Saum des Schwarzwalds
Baden: Wines on the Black Forest edges
Mosel: Steile Rebhänge  im Moseltal
Mosel: Steep slopes with wines in the Mosel valley

steep slopes
in the Moselle Valley

Württemberg: Schloss Hornberg
Wuerttemberg: Hornberg castle
Franken: Hofkeller
Franken: Hofkeller
Rheingau: Schloss Johannisberg
Rheingau: Johannisberg castle
Gekühlt ein Genuss
FRITZUS: Well coold a pleasure